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The role-play book actuality is this: you accept a hangover. You accept to get to a assertive akin of bubbler to accomplish a hangover. There are those awe-inspiring outlier hangovers – you apperceive those odd times aback you accept two pints afterwards work, and you go home while the sun is still up, and feel mostly abstaining and baker and adapt a meal, and get to bed in adequate time, abounding skincare routine, bottle of water, and again deathwatch up like you’ve been hit by a truck? – but those are the anomalies we are allotment to ignore.

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I’m talking a hangover–hangover: the one area you started on the beers and again confused on to added beers, you started on the able ABV and kept accepting stronger, again appropriate at that angled point in the night ­– the moment area you apperceive it is your final adventitious to escape cautiously and mostly intact, or aback you accept to about-face and attempt the knife of yourself into this evening, spiralling into the anarchy – instead of accepting the night bus you instead got an complete tray of shots, and again added beers, again a awe-inspiring bit area the pub you were in was closing but a acquaintance knew a pub adjacent that was accessible later, and that adjacent angry out to be an complete 15-minute airing abroad because you were all pissed and walking in circles, and so you nipped into an interstitial off authorization on the way and got a can (Desperados, for some reason: article came over you???) to sustain your fizz unto the abutting pub, which was accessible yes, but with all the lights up and all the agents visibly cleaning, and so you ordered two pints anniversary because it was aftermost orders and decked them all, and cipher has eaten annihilation but let’s go annular to his abode because it’s nearby, and acutely you tote with you the iconic dejected bag of cans, and maybe you bought a bag of Minstrels and some crisps with you to pad out the balance of booze you were bubbler and maybe you didn’t, but nonetheless the tunes were on and you were activity appealing adequate so you went: can, can, can, awe-inspiring vodka mixer with some bazaar own-brand and a little bit of his housemate’s Ribena, can, can, abatement comatose on the daybed a little bit, arouse yourself briefly and assert you are OK, abatement comatose on the daybed for a little bit more, accept to get annoyed alive and asked to leave, £25 Uber home, in at 4AM up at 8AM.

That is the book we are living, here. You can accept yourself whether you did this on a Thursday for a alarming Friday assignment hangover, or a Friday for a alarming Saturday home hangover. But either way you charge to, now, eat. Here’s what you’re activity to eat:

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Starting with the best solid, stand-up, complete chic act hangover breakfast there is: nuggets, an complete tray thereof, adapted at slightly-too-high a temperature beeline from the freezer into the oven, eaten in blackout with ketchup on the sofa. A soldier you can go into war with.

For awe-inspiring lads who accept austere gym routines or are training for a half-marathon. Not for complete people. Not for accustomed people. No.

All of the seven baleful sins can be covered by a go-to hangover snack: pride (a beer the additional you deathwatch up), acquisitiveness (entire Domino’s Meal Deal for one), animalism (effervescent acrid a ashen wank), backbiting (big annal through Instagram wellness bloggers and abstaining Facebook accompany accomplishing rock-climbing followed by activity out for a wholesome brunch that somehow ends up costing you £30), acrimony (vindaloo), sloth (two daybed naps sandwiched about a amber milkshake and a bacon sandwich addition abroad fabricated for you).

Entire five-thing of bazaar donuts (custard flavour the best, but raspberry at a push) is gluttony, that’s the joke. You feel better, sure, but you’re assuredly activity to hell.

Same way Ray Mears takes a accomplished crate of Kendell’s excellent block out with him aback he goes Big Lad Camping, I booty an complete bazaar affair of fresh-baked amateur amber accolade on the bus with me aback I’ve absolutely apish it on a academy night, and that works aloof as able-bodied on cross-city trains over the weekend or if I accept to appear home afterwards a ample one in some abroad arctic town. The fresh-baked amateur amber cookie backpack is portable, constant and – if you don’t administer to eat all four in one abhorrent sitting, like a dog – they assignment able-bodied the abutting day or afterwards for dinner, if your hangover is one that lingers. It’s adaptation food, is what I’m saying, and anyone who opts for it over added adequate hangover candy is addition who says: yes, I charge to wallow on a daybed appropriate now, but instead I’m soldiering on. I’m brave.

Drinking one of these on a hangover is agnate to accepting a complete long, hot battery on one: it feels like you are actuality adequate to yourself in a complete airy way, like actuality reborn, baptised, fabricated anew, abandoned absolutely all you’re accomplishing is bubbler a Mars milkshake through a sports cap

Photo: Pixabay / CC0

Actual Brunch – actual, go-out-and-go-to-the-brunch-place-brunch – never absolutely makes you feel better, because appropriate now what you charge is debris aliment and like three abstracted blankets over the algid genitalia (but not the hot parts) of your body, and what you don’t charge is to accept to get appropriately dressed to go to an avo-toast abode area for some acumen there are three or four toddlers, always, active feral, little organic-carrot-juice toddlers that are somehow worse and added annoying than aloof a common-or-garden chips-and-a-slap toddler, and you accept to abide all this? And pay through the adenoids for it? And you can’t alike watch Netflix in blackout while you do it? No. The brunch goer is a aberration maker. The hangover bruncher should never be trusted.

Sometimes your anatomy wants article cold, too cold, pathologically cold, and sometimes – aback it is 8AM and you are staring into the freezer area apprehensive if it’s too aboriginal for a Cornetto – sometimes you should acquaint your body: no

A good, bourgeois hangover fixer. Complete eighth-in-the-table array of hangover breakfast. Congratulations, you’re Everton.

You appetite what you appetite and what you appetite is: punishment

########### ENTERING ############# THE ######## PIZZA ZONE #############

This is the best way to eat pizza, and I accommodate “going to Italy and accepting a pizza there” in that.

A antic king! You cool prince! An complete Domino’s! Ordered the additional the website clicks over from “closed” to “open”! A accomplished Meal Deal aloof for you! You wonderful, corrupt idiot! Adore your craven poppers, you absurd fool!

Photo: Ben Sutherland, via Flickr / CC By 2.0

FurHaven Plush  - sofa style dog bed of sofa style dog bed

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Sometimes your hangover does article deranged to you and you adjustment a custom pizza with, like, buzz craven and pepperoni and jalapenos and sweetcorn, and bisected amazon sauce, bisected BBQ sauce, article crazed like that, and adequate on you, to be honest. You followed your affection and your affection said: I can’t acquaint if we’re hungover or pregnant.

Spiritually as abutting to accepting bashed as you’re gonna get this aboriginal in the morning: you apperceive what you’re accomplishing is wrong, but it feels adequate at the time.


############# NOW EXITING ############ THE PIZZA ZONE ##################

You were a adolescent aback you aboriginal baffled beans on toast, weren’t you, boss white aliment w/ a abrading of margarine, birr of beans on top, grated cheese, tray in avant-garde of the television, the abundance aliment your mother fabricated you angry into the complete after-school bite you could aloof about accomplish yourself, you acquainted so developed up, you—

And you’re a apprentice now, and you oscillate amid the aforementioned three commons – spaghetti bolognese, “pasta w/ cheese” and beans on acknowledgment – and you’ve got these array of avant-garde techniques you anticipate are absolutely circuitous and cheffy: a bulge of adulate in the beans as you boring balmy them up! A birr of Worcestershire booze and some Tabasco! But ultimately you are amiss about that, you are bluffing yourself; apprentice to put calm an arrabbiata you slob—

And now you are an adult, i.e. your mum no best phones you to analysis that you are bistro abundant vegetables. You are arrogant and accept been affable for yourself for years – you can adapt like ten complete commons afterwards blockage the affable instructions throughout, but here, in this foetal coil of a hangover, you acquisition yourself ample aback to old dependable: a distinct tin of beans, broiled in a babyish pan, awfully bargain white aliment toast, butter, cheese, eaten off your lap in avant-garde of your television. You’re a fucking child, mate. Grow up.

Coco Pops are the complete G.O.A.T. Saturday morning hangover remedy, served w/ ice algid milk and alluringly some array of affable brunch-n-banter TV show, and alluringly you should cascade so abounding Coco Pops into the basin that it array of overflows from the top of it assimilate the kitchen adverse a bit, and you should additionally booty the box through to the active allowance – or, if you’re real, to bed – as able-bodied as the milk so you can accumulate topping up appropriately until you’ve decked about 80 percent of a box all to yourself afterwards moving. This is the akin of corruption I brainstorm fat French kings acclimated to alive in constantly. The Coco Pop hangover eater is addition of taste, heritage, class. Honestly: I anticipate at minimum you deserve an M.B.E.

Photo: Crispin Semmens / CC By 2.0

I like melancholia hangover bite choices, because it shows you can move with the times. Is there annihilation bigger than a Christmas–New Year hangover aback you aloof sit flopped on a daybed bistro a babyish bowl of Affection St and Christmas candy off a bowl perched on your stomach? Is there annihilation nicer than accepting a accomplished cling-filmed affair of BBQ aliment to yourself on a July morning afterwards you got Hardly Too Into Pimm’s? And, crucially, is there annihilation bigger than accepting an complete Easter Egg – which you accept punched a aperture in, but done it weakly, so it’s not burst but now instead aloof has a ample aperture in – to yourself, on whatever fucking weekend Easter avalanche on? No there is not. The active brain, adventurous of change. The innovator. The maverick.

Listen, a angle feel sandwich on white buttered aliment w/ ketchup is an about complete hangover cure, both in aftertaste and arrangement and affluence of preparation, and because of that I cannot endorse it 100 percent. I feel like a angle feel sandwich is one of those hangover cures that, secretly, claimed trainers and nutritionists use: “It’s absolutely complete adequate for you,” some clean-eating, drunk-once-a-year HIIT-fucker is saying. “You’ve got protein from the fish, a high-glycemic carb in the anatomy of the bread, and advantageous fats in the butter.” They eat endemic while jogging on a crosstrainer and Facetiming Joe Wicks. No, sorry: hangover candy should be about retribution, not salvation.

I assurance you with anything, I assurance you with my life.

These are adequate because you abandoned anytime appetite them on a hangover, and a hangover is a analytical time for aliment cravings – your abdomen has yearnings, and so does your mind, and so does your heart, and absolutely generally your anatomy has accepted requirements to accumulate on living, salts and sugars and stuffs – so there are some foods you abandoned appetite (and are abandoned able of eating!) on a hangover, and these are they. And that’s aback you end up with, like, a Creme Egg mousse, or something. A Yorkie yoghurt. Some array of mad abridged crème brulee thing. They assume a adequate abstraction at the time, and they are nice aback you’re bistro them, but they additionally leave you activity alveolate and empty, like that abysmal aphotic activity of affliction you sometimes get afterwards you cum. The bend boutique mad yoghurt eater is addition who floats on a river of decisions, never endlessly to think, activity on activity and intuition alone, and for that acumen they are complete in blow with themselves emotionally (good!) but additionally complete capricious socially (bad!). I feel like if you eat a lot of these again you are backward a lot.

It’s not activity to fix you, it’s aloof activity to accomplish you feel like you’re accomplishing article reparative to yourself every time you wee, so there’s that.

Photo: Biswarup Ganguly / CC By 3.0

I feel like bodies who annihilate a hangover with an complete KFC accept article abroad activity on: some abysmal aperture aural them that they are aggravating to blemish out instead, an overreaction to a activity they can’t absolutely place. A hangover is an ant and they are crushing it with a building. It’s overkill: an complete KFC? One babyish hangover? What’s activity on with you, buddy? What are you aggravating to alter that isn’t there anymore? Did your aboriginal adherent dump you so adamantine that you are now, six years later, bubbler a babyish tub of gravy about it? Talk to me.


These are good. Tortilla chips are good. This weekend I had a hangover and I bought a 1lb bag of tortillas. A 1lb bag! Can you imagine! That’s so abounding tortillas. Tortillas: good

Dog Furniture - Pet Furniture - Dog Sofas - sofa style dog bed of sofa style dog bed

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Three abstracted share-sized accoutrements of crisps, in berserk altered flavours and from altered brands, bought in a big mad grab-bag of a boutique area you somehow managed to absorb £26 on crisps, biscuits and Lucozade? Acutely good, imo.

Photo: Mike Mozart, via Flickr / CC By 2.0

There is bluntness in the Accomplished Pipe of Pringles (acceptable flavours: accessible salted, alkali and vinegar, Texas BBQ) (unacceptable flavour, accursed flavour: acerb chrism and chive). The Pringle eater says: yes, I will eat this share-sized tube to myself. They say: yes, I did buy these on action in the abutting ample supermarket. The Pringle eater has a desire, and that is to eat as abounding babyish endless of Pringles in one alarming sitting as they can manage. The Pringle eater reclines on the daybed like a renaissance nude, absolutely dipping in and out of the can – duke in, duke out, alive your way up until you’re bend abysmal and your complete acquaint smells of BBQ – and the Pringle eater says: I don’t affliction what association thinks of me. Afterwards – the Pringle eater adds – later, I ability go alfresco in my pyjamas. You can’t stop me accomplishing anything. Pringles are: good!

Extremely good!

Also complete good!


Absolutely no way your Instagram annual doesn’t accept at atomic one awful airish photo of you captivation a cup of atramentous coffee over a authentic white bedding while, in the background, a distinct cheese bulb blade aeon into shot. Oh, I ability accessible your Instagram stor— ah: fluctuant black-and-white footage of you accomplishing a yoga pose, is it. Good. Thanks.

Photo: Goblinbox, via Flickr / CC By 2.0

An bulk of aliment that weighs the aforementioned as a babyish is technically a complete adequate way of countering a hangover, abnormally if you’re on assignment time, so you can cycle into the appointment array of half-grey and groaning with your big fat wad of aliment – “Ooh,” you say, to cipher in particular, “baby hangy,” and again you eat it there, beans aloof spilling everywhere, and you’ve put a brand in the bank that says: I am hungover, and I’m activity to absorb the blow of the afternoon digesting this instead of spreadsheets or whatever. At 4PM I’ll go to the shops for a Coke and a Double Decker. Again I’ll aloof go on Facebook Messenger until home time.

But additionally I’ve noticed there’s absolutely a lot of overlap amid the hangover burrito eater and a accurate sub-division of proto-psychopathic male, lads who abrasion Vibram Bristles Fingers to the appointment affair and abrasion shirts on the sofas at weekends and get hardly too aggro at five-a-side, i.e. a brace of degrees removed from actuality abounding American Psycho-style clean-flat multi-murders, but abandoned a couple. Watch the lad with the hangover burrito. He’s planning article weird.

I can absorb a lot of things afore midday that ability assume anathema or banned – a accomplished affair of Tangfastics, a can of Red Bull, a pint of lager, a accomplished oven adapted pizza, a buzz banquet – but for some acumen I draw the band at chips, a admired aliment I aloof artlessly cannot brainstorm putting into my anatomy during the AM hours. That’s area assortment browns appear in, or “morning chips” as I anxiety them: the ambiguous affable action of chips (warming a babyish allocation of potato w/ a lot of oil) but article wholly, fundamentally different, and additionally article you can crucially balmy from arctic in your own oven and eat central a sandwich. The assortment amber is the sophisticates’ choice, and I account anyone who chooses them over the lowlier foods on this list. I feel like it’s a hangover cure Dame Judi Dench, the best adult actuality I can anticipate of appropriate now, would accept of.

“Oh! How marvellous! Oh, and it’s in bread!” — Dame Judi Dench, I imagine, aback presented with a assortment amber sandwich.

I accept convalescent a brace of hangovers with eggs in as ample a abundance as accessible – alluringly accolade to a yellow-creamy accomplishment and served on durably broiled sourdough bread, but I’ll booty an eggy in a bappy if there’s one activity – but I additionally do anticipate there’s article fundamentally black and banal about bistro eggs on a hangover that array of erases the drinks you had a few hours afore them. Hangovers, weirdly, are absolutely a attenuate time you get to wallow in your own despair, affliction and discomfort, and absolutely angular into it: you can sit on the daybed inactive, you can abolish affairs afterwards guilt, you can appeal addition abroad get up and accomplish you tea, you can be a bit annoying and a bit indulgent.

That’s absolutely the awe-inspiring advance of hangovers, the array of brainy anniversary you get from them – yes, you’re in pain, and you aroma array of sour, and your academician doesn’t assignment abundant for you to do annihilation added than watch ten episodes of Parks & Rec in a row afore accepting a mid-afternoon nap – but that’s what’s nice about it. If you did all those things on a normal, abstaining day, bodies would alpha analytic your centralized health. Do it on a hangover and they leave you to it. In an odd array of way, it’s cocky care, and bistro eggs to anon abate that snatches that moment abroad from you. Be nice to you, baby. Pull up the bedding and eat a pizza in bed.

– Bacon sandwich on white aliment w/ red sauce: good- Bacon sandwich on white aliment w/ amber sauce: good- Bacon sandwich (either sauce) that addition abroad has fabricated for you: fantastic- Bacon sandwich area addition abroad has fabricated it for you but they are a hungover 23-year-old man who doesn’t cook, and alike admitting the authoritative of the sandwich is technically a action of love, the sandwich itself is dog-shit because they accept absurd the bacon artlessly in a accomplished blend of vegetable oil, and for some acumen it’s still blush and billowing instead of crispy, admitting them affable it on so aerial a calefaction that the £1-for-three artificial affable apparatus they abominably acclimated to cast and about-face the bacon got a bit broiled and singed in the action and beatific off this abhorrent afire bin aroma that abounding the kitchen and set the blaze anxiety off, and now you’re bistro this abhorrent salty, abnormally wet porky bacon sandwich on a daybed that you additionally slept on: absolutely horrible

So you see how bacon contains multitudes. The bacon sandwich haver says: I am a simple man, an honourable man. I will amusement my hangover with the account it deserves, in the age-old way. But it additionally says: I don’t anticipate too abundant about annihilation I do, anytime in my life.

Photo: Pixabay / CC0

A Abounding English breakfast is an act of abandon adjoin yourself, and if you’re actuality honest, from a bloom point of view, you should apparently accept one every two years, maximum. In that way, it’s an act of abnegation to eat one. Technically, that makes bistro a Abounding English the best goth hangover breakfast, and anyone who eats one is a massive goth. I don’t accomplish the rules, mate, I aloof accomplish them.

Zoey Tails Quilted Orthopedic Sofa-Style Dog Bed Color: Silver Gray .. of sofa style dog bed

Image Source: pinimg.com

I’m not abstinent the affection of the McDonald’s breakfast option, but it is like the best basal and absence best for bodies on a hangover, isn’t it? Like: scientists absolutely accumulated themselves in a lab and created the Egg McMuffin to fulfil the needs of post-drunk people. So yeah, good, but also: dunno, I aloof array of feel like you access a lot of allotment RT competitions and go to Lovebox for one day only, and the capital present your ancestors gets you for Christmas and birthdays is Topshop vouchers, you know?

We accept accomplished angled point with McDonald’s chips biconcave in a McDonald’s milkshake or McFlurry, because ahead it was the array of affair the awe-inspiring kids at academy would eat – the cement eaters, the kids whose mum cut their beard able-bodied into their teens, girls who never absolutely had the appropriate PE kit – and now it has gone abounding mainstream, and so now more-or-less anybody knows the aliment drudge – sweet! But additionally salty? At the aforementioned time! Lush! – so that it has done a abounding personality about-face from alcove and awe-inspiring to acutely BuzzFeed, a bit like absolute caramel did, and yeah it’s good, but in bristles years we will attending aback on this moment in the lifecycle of chips-dipped-in-dairy and realise that absolutely it was a cursory trend that, in hindsight, angry out to be complete embarrassing, aforementioned way we’ll attending at ripped jeans in 2023.

So what I’m adage is: adore your trend, you pig, because you’ll be affective assimilate article new and analogously much-loved in 18 months or so. Your complete personality is congenital on sand.


Photo: Petr Kratochvil, via

Yeah, deathwatch up and drove a beer, yeah? “Only way, mate,” you’re saying, by my fridge, for some reason. “Hair of the dog.” But: ah, sorry, I’ve aloof noticed you’re acutely asleep abaft the eyes, there. Are you… aback did you aftermost accept a good, advantageous night’s sleep? Aback was the aftermost time you had a bottle of water? Aloof a glass. Out of choice. I’m aloof attractive abaft your— you are a aphotic spirit trapped in a bastille fabricated of flesh, aren’t you? You were abject up from an aeon in hell to accept one aftermost able at humanity, weren’t you, and now there is some aphotic revving agent central you that feels the charge to self-punish, endlessly, isn’t there? Do you anticipate your affliction will anytime end? Or will you aloof accumulate blotting out one affliction with another, bluff pain, on and on and on, until you die? Can you put that can of Red Stripe bottomward please, mate, and accept a bottle of water? Aback was the aftermost time you brushed your teeth?

Nothing bigger than a algid can of Fanta on a hot adamantine hangover. Riding to acme on a white bank beach in paradise – the abutting analogy! – does not compare. Crrk, shh, glug. Aftertaste it now. Lemon Fanta? Yes. Orange Fanta? Yes. That red one? Yes. The awe-inspiring amethyst one? Yes, yes, yes. Glug it down, candied child. Glug bottomward the ambrosia of life.

Fanta for Tories! Sorry! Apologetic about your opinions on abode tax! Sorry! Apologetic you anxiety her “Mrs May”, mate! Apologetic you’re a Tory!

People who alcohol Irn Bru on a hangover are not to be fucked with.

When I went to university as a tiny wee acutely ample 18-year-old innocent, cipher gave me too abundant admonition (beyond “don’t fuck up”) afar from my semi-mad auntie, who pulled me abreast afore I larboard and said: “If you’re activity to do it, do it properly.” Didn’t accept in the end, as I abandoned got a 2.1, and if I approved alike a little bit I should accept got a first, but the admonition is still solid, abandoned now we are barter it to hangovers and cola. You’ve already aching your body. A bit of amoroso can’t currently aching it anymore. If you’re activity to do it, do it properly. Annihilation beneath is cowardice.

The adverse of cowardice.

An 18-carat activity hack.

Lucozade is adequate because it tricks you into cerebration bubbler (and acceptable berserk ill as a result) is some array of ability action that deserves absorption and account and, crucially, a ample arrival of electrolytes and glucose and whatever, which commonly rugby lads who accept been active for 90 beeline account charge to adjustment their body, but absolutely it is additionally the exact affair you – a actuality who slept for ten beeline hours afterwards moving, abutting to a algid kebab – additionally charge to get abundant activity calm to absorb a morning on the daybed about it. Lucozade says: I booty the action of bubbler complete seriously. I am Olympic-level at it. I should be sponsored to do it by big all-embracing brands. Put my annoyed face on atom boxes and let me accord adorning talks at academy assemblies.

Good for like one second, and again you aloof feel abounding and airy and bad, and ambition you got a able airy alcohol instead, one that doesn’t accept the absolute amount of the tin absolutely corrective on it, appropriate there on the can. You alive a activity generally aqueous with regret, don’t you?

You apperceive aback you’re on a hangover sometimes and you aloof abutting your eyes and think: maybe if I aloof died, like now, aloof died, complete painlessly but died: that… wouldn’t be… so bad? You anytime had a hangover like that? The ambrosial Jamaican amber beer drinker has had a hangover like that. That’s every hangover for them.

The abandoned good, honest, accurate and loyal bodies larboard in this world.


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